I try to keep impotence in the spotlight in my posts because

it just may be a factor when any person loses their desire for sex, partially or totally. My wife lost her desire over 15 years ago. I will never know if it started as mental and physical followed later or what. We do not communicate regarding that subject since it would open up things that do not need discussion. My being a horny man would get discussed along with what I do for sex.

How much does impotence play a part in the highly unbalanced need for sex in the human race? First of all, most men must be partially impotent. They spend 10 times as much money on visual stimulation (strip shows, porn, lap dances, etc.) than they do on female sex partners. If it is not impotence, why don’t they simply invest in sex, the real thing. No, I am not advocating paying a prostitute. That is quickie sex, with no romance etc.

Back to the tens factor. For every women out there seeking sex, there are at least 10 men seeking sex. Actually 100:1 is a more accurate ratio of men seeking sex to women seeking sex. Why? We are all human and we all should have the same needs. If you go into a restaurant you see an equal ratio of men to women since we all need to eat. Why don’t we all need sex in the same amounts and frequency? Impotence? Yall tell me. If not impotence, what? I am 62 years old and worn out from the hunt. I feel I am on the wrong planet.
Scotty, beam me over to a planet where the women seeking sex outnumber the men seeking sex just 5 to 1. I am not so picky as to require 10 to 1 or the 100 to 1 that may be more accurate.

Cougar women

There has been a lot in the media about cougars, older women who date much younger men. Do you think this trend is growing because women in their 50s still have a high sex drive, and are frustrated with impotent men in their age range?

Do remember when you first stared to become impotent?

Did you have a phase where you could still have an erection, but it took longer and required more foreplay or required her to stimulate you directly? Were there times in those early stages when you thought you were going to have sex but couldn’t? How did your wife or girlfriend react during those beginning trends toward impotence? Did you start giving her oral sex more often during those early stages?

How high is your blood pressure?

I have a sneaky feeling trimix can cause too high a pressure in the penis with trimix if the man suffers from high blood pressure.

blood-pressureWhen we are a teen with normal blood pressure and normal firm erections, we don’t stress the cavity beyond what it can safely endure. With high blood pressure and more age, the pressure could be too much in some patients.  I have been using trimix since 1992 with normal blood pressure. It still works very well with firm erections with about the same dosage, also look here http://www.nfsno.org/ – canadian pharmacy without prescription online, yes I’m 76 and it still works great with no visible damage to my penis. There has been mention of several who feel trimix is not good and can cause problems.

I do not have any data on the statistics or studies on this subject. My doctor has not mentioned any problems.

I have a suggestion you ask a uro for trimix therapy and ask about the risks involved. IF you have a fantastic erection and feel there is too much risk you will be at the fork in the road with the facts at hand.

Ok where do i start

I’m so confused after reading all these posts….i was leaning towards trying trimix then i was wanting to check into an inplant now i’m interested in a pump but they all seem to have drawbacks…..
I’m 45 have had ed for awhile and used viagra and cialas with good results….now with recent heart problems and a stent i shouldn’t be taking the pills anymore………any suggestions…………

Some men use trimix and quadmix without any problems

The only reason I posted the fact that it is not FDA approved is because of the scarring that can happen with 2 of the three ingreadants. PGE1 alone, carvaject or edex, only cause scarring in about 5% of men.

The draw back with PGE1 is that in a lot of men it causes pain.

I tried trimix for about a year and that is what made my problems worse with scarring and corporal fibrosis. That is one reason my first implant attempt failed.

If you use or try trimix and notice you start to having to use more or that the ED is getting worse go back to the doctor and get checked for corporal fibrosis.

I have read that Boston Medical says over 40% of men that try trimix quit during the first year.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not against trimix, I just want those that try it to be aware that it can cause problems.

The pharmacy that I get

my alprostadil from says that Trimix is by far their number one ED compound that they offer. They also make a Quadmix. I forget what the forth compound was but he says that some of the doctors at Boston Medical prescribe that. Someday I’m sure my insurance will stop paying for my prescription and then I will have to switch to a more inexpensive compound which Trimix is. I’m just not looking forward to going back to square one and starting to learn a new drug.

I have had two visits with my urologist

I’ve been diabetic for 47 years and am 68 years young. The first visit the doctor did not even look. I had been given samples of Viagra and Levitra. Neither worked. My personal care physician give me generic cialis – tadalafil 20mg  but he afraid that it might drop my blood pressure to a much too low point. It lasts for 36 hours while the other two only last for a couple of hours.
Anyway…went to urologist and told him that it did not work. I had tried CavaJect more than 10 years ago. That worked. So he gave me a prescription for it, and told me to come back for the nurse to re-train me on its use. I did and had absolutely NO Problems having a female nurse help me. And you should not have any fears either. You don’t have anything that the nurses haven’t seen before. If you are not able to become erect on your own, you won’t have to worry about getting hard in front of the nurse.

When I went in for the training I dropped my trowsers and boxers, sat on a chair leaning backwards, she told me how to hold my penis, and where to inject, and how to use the kit that one gets with CavaJect. I did what she told me, gave myself the shot, she had taken my blood pressure before, and 10 minutes later she came in to take it again. I was not embarrassed, and neither was she.

That’s the way it is. Get over it man and get the help you need.


When I first started using trimix

3 years ago I heard then it wasn’t and no my insurance wouldn’t cover it. A while back I heard it was fda approved. Still my insurance doesn’t cover it. As long as I can get it I don’t care whether the fda approves it or not. I have had no side effects from it. I use it an average of twice a week at 20 units a shot. it lasts a long time at that rate and I have around a 1 1/2 to 2 hour (sometimes more) erection with no side effects yet. I too had pain from the injection at first but also had four hour erections with the reccomended dose of 35 units. I found that if you wrap your penis with a warm wet wash cloth for a few minutes while holding the filled syringe in my mouth to warm the trimix it causes very little pain and somtimes none. My urologist and my ed specialist neither one told me about these things to try. I learned them on this site from other guys who has gone through this before me. Yes the trimix costs but when splitting the cost by dose it really is a lot cheaper than viagra, cialis and and the other one I can’t think of. If I ever hear they are considering stopping production of trimix because of the fda I will stock up on it and freeze it.