Thank you Ron, sorry to take so long to thank you for your suggestion

I do not go to a civilian urologist. The last one I went to messed me up really bad. Not only am I impotent, I can not shoot cum….they sealed all the ducts when they did their surgery and I’m told it cannot be done. He lied to me about the surgery. He also found cancer and sent me for radiation treatments. I took a few and quit. That stuff really messed me up. He got really mad at me. The urologist at the VA would not help and he told me the VA does not do that type of surgery unless they remove the prostate entirely. He was professional but had the compassion of a dead fish (or something like that – lol). I have not made up my mind yet if I will try another civilian doctor but then the insurance would not pay and I don’t know if medicare pays for it either. Keep in touch and play safe.

Insurance companies have different rules for implants

In my case, I have Medicare A & B and my insurance company (BC & BS) paid for all the expense. The implant had to be necessary (by BC & BS) due to impotence caused by radical prostatectomy for prostate cancer. I had to give evidence that I had the surgery by sending hospital and pathology reports to BC & BS, and once they received that, they approved their part.

Medicare will pay their part, regardless of reason, so your expense, should you decide to proceed, would be the remainder after Medicare.
You might also press your insurance company – perhaps they do have a way they could approve the surgery.

I am on Medicare and have secondary insurance

Medicare will pay for an implant if it was caused by something like prostate cancer (my case). I have already been approved by both insurance carriers so it shouldn’t cost me anything. and I am waiting for the doctor to call me with the date of the surgery. I am getting an AMS Ultrex three piece. My doctor says that the AMS rep likes to be in the OR during surgery with different size implants plus spare parts just in case there are complications with the device so the dr is coordinating OR availability with a date the AMS rep can be there.
I am impressed that AMS will do this and I think it is an excllent idea.

I’m curious, is there a connection here

some messages in my PM:

I’ve read that too much stimulation from porn and masturbation will cause a problem in mental excitement, as nothing can live up to your imagination. I’ve also read that anything that gets the blood flowing down there will exercise everything that requires healing.
Should I try abstinence to regain my mental focus on a partner? To my mind, I’ve never had a problem being excited. Am I fooling myself?


In my experience abstinence has not helped the situation but you’re right, nothing can live up to a fantasy. Seems the more regular I masturbate the more it helps the blood flow try meds from canadian pharmacy no prescription needed, I just so wish there was a magical answer that could give back lost confidence and that special joy back to life but I’m still hopeful,not giving up yet.

I’ve read that with age, we need more stimulation to get an erection. And i’ve read what you say about porn. So if your partner is used to you getting an erection from just thinking about sex, there will eventually come a time that some manual stimulation will become necesary to get it up. I guess the porn just speeds the process, because one fails to get excited as easily as before (or as without having watched so much porn).



I remember now that when I told my phsicologist about my impotence and how it could be related to the pills she had me on she asked me if I got erections when I was sleeping (morning wood) and if they were full erections. She was trying to make sure that the pumbling was working. Then she went on to tell me that once that is known to work it’s much easier to treat impotence. Again with age , the man needs more stimulation to get an erection, however it does sound logical that after a period of sexual abstinence (no porn, masturbation, sex..etc) one could get an erection much more easily (like when one is hungry food that is regularly boring tastes better!!). However too much abstinence and then you could experience premature-ejaculation, which is about as frustating as impotence itself.


Remember the seasons..

With the gloom of fall, and the drizzel and cold, I’ve been used to seasonally lower libido. Even as a single guy, I masturbate less for about a month. I’d like to remind new guys coming to our group to think about that as a posible factor in their sexlife.

2 Will

Talk with your doctor and have him draft a letter to the insurance company stating it is needed for normal functioning including urination. They will know what to write to comply with the rules.



I am not sure of an implant, but my health insurance company tells me it is elective surgery and they will not pay for an implant. I also go to the VA and am told they do not do this type of surgery.

Before I worry about what kind of implant I think would work for me, I wondered if anyone knew the cost involved.

I am on disability Social Security and have medicare but they would probably tell me the same thing.

I appreciate hearing from anyone who has gone through something like this and the solution they found that worked for them.

Thanks in advance

Bad news, guys

I found out yesterday that I am going to have to go back in for repairs. My implant is slowly working its way out. (I want to say that I have used it so much that I have worn it out!). At the very least, the pump is going to be replaced. I hope that the cylinders don’t have to come out.

More later.


Sorry to hear that.

How long did you get to use it before you found out that you needed to get it fixed? Do you use ED meds, i.e. tadalafil, vardenafil, sildenafil citrate How did you noticed that you needed to have it checked out?


Thank you for accepting me as a member

it is tough and sad for me that My sex life is almost non existent. I am diabetic, and bee told by doctors that this has an effect on the sex. I am taking my medications, losing weight, eating better, excersing….but when it comes to an erection….well..lets just say..its like a preview at a movie…quick and its over.

Hi frds!!!

I am also suffering with eraction prob.have u find any soluation.will u share it.
how can we check that there is a prob of blood circulation in penis?
plz reply me as soon as possible.plz mail me at

I’m not much of a fan for pills or anything chemical

I’m a 3rd generation traditional massager in asia. My grand dad and uncle provided services to cure ED the traditional way using massages. They’ve successfully cured most of their customers. As for me, even though I have the know how, I don’t provide these services coz’ I have this phobia of touching another man’s penis.
Anyway, it’s common knowledge that erections is about blood flows. Atenolol and other beta blockers manages blood flows and eventually affects the blood flow to your penis, thus affecting your sexual capability.

I would suggest certain massaging techniques (this could be done on top of the other pills sildenafil 100mg\tadalafil\etc  you intend to take) to improve the blood circulation down there.

It’s an alternative. You could give it a try. Plus, avoid vices such as smoking and drinking.

That was a major problem in my 20s and early 30s

but now that I am nearly 60 I have the opposite problem. Either no ejaculation or it takes so long that my girlfriend gets exhausted and gives up. I can rememberin my 20s, I always went ejaculated too quick the first time, sometimes within a few seconds. Back then I could go again after a short recovery time and often lasted longer the second time around. I think I was best from my mid 30s thru my 40s. In those years I was in a happy in between cycle. I could last longer before ejaculating but I wasn’t getting impotent yet.

I am soon to be 64 and currently

on Norvasc daily for hypertension and have been on it for some time. I have a problem getting an erection and then maintaining the erection when I finally get one but don’t know if it is the meds or something else. My partner has complained as well but unfortunately she thinks its my problem and offers very little as far as support to help overcome the issue so I have turned to having sex with men as they seem to understand the problem and are a lot more willing to work with me to obtain satisfaction for both of us.

I can remember what a tough problem that was for me

It wrecked everything. After I came I wanted to cry. I think I lasted better when I was on psychedelic drugs. I just had my first penile injection for ED, and I felt like no matter how many times I came, there was no way it was going down. Wish I had that many years ago. I wish I had a better answer to give you. Hope you find one.

It’s great! I am glad you have no angina any more

As you might know first six months after angioplasty is important. Within six months there is a slight risk of reclosing of the artery.(It also depends on the type of the stent). Although I believe this risk is very very small especially for a man like you, I think being cautious will bring extra benefits. I believe walking exercises are important from this point of view. A device which lets you know your pulse (pacemaker?) is very helpful for walking exercises and azithromycin 250 mg online it gives you the chance of increasing your pulse gradually.

Also stress relieving techniques are important.I have a book named “Living with Heart Disease”, written by Marie R Squillace and Kathy Delaney, which gives helpful imformation about such techniques and exercise, cold tolerance etc. Breathing exercises ( Yogic) also help a lot for stress relieving. It is also important for having more oxygene. I am sure there are lots of such books or internet sites and I am sure you know lots of them.But I just thougt this information and my experience might be useful for you.

I wish you long and healthy years…

Premature Ejaculation

Pls can anyone educate me about the remedie and management of premature ejaculation,i’m 40yrs old and on norvasc 10mg daily for the management of hypertension. i’ve been on this drugs for close to 6yrs and my pertner has started complaining about my inability to give her satisfaction and my lack of interest in sex.especially after one misserable round.

I try to keep impotence in the spotlight in my posts because

it just may be a factor when any person loses their desire for sex, partially or totally. My wife lost her desire over 15 years ago. I will never know if it started as mental and physical followed later or what. We do not communicate regarding that subject since it would open up things that do not need discussion. My being a horny man would get discussed along with what I do for sex.

How much does impotence play a part in the highly unbalanced need for sex in the human race? First of all, most men must be partially impotent. They spend 10 times as much money on visual stimulation (strip shows, porn, lap dances, etc.) than they do on female sex partners. If it is not impotence, why don’t they simply invest in sex, the real thing. No, I am not advocating paying a prostitute. That is quickie sex, with no romance etc.

Back to the tens factor. For every women out there seeking sex, there are at least 10 men seeking sex. Actually 100:1 is a more accurate ratio of men seeking sex to women seeking sex. Why? We are all human and we all should have the same needs. If you go into a restaurant you see an equal ratio of men to women since we all need to eat. Why don’t we all need sex in the same amounts and frequency? Impotence? Yall tell me. If not impotence, what? I am 62 years old and worn out from the hunt. I feel I am on the wrong planet.
Scotty, beam me over to a planet where the women seeking sex outnumber the men seeking sex just 5 to 1. I am not so picky as to require 10 to 1 or the 100 to 1 that may be more accurate.

Cougar women

There has been a lot in the media about cougars, older women who date much younger men. Do you think this trend is growing because women in their 50s still have a high sex drive, and are frustrated with impotent men in their age range?

Do remember when you first stared to become impotent?

Did you have a phase where you could still have an erection, but it took longer and required more foreplay or required her to stimulate you directly? Were there times in those early stages when you thought you were going to have sex but couldn’t? How did your wife or girlfriend react during those beginning trends toward impotence? Did you start giving her oral sex more often during those early stages?

How high is your blood pressure?

I have a sneaky feeling trimix can cause too high a pressure in the penis with trimix if the man suffers from high blood pressure.

blood-pressureWhen we are a teen with normal blood pressure and normal firm erections, we don’t stress the cavity beyond what it can safely endure. With high blood pressure and more age, the pressure could be too much in some patients.  I have been using trimix since 1992 with normal blood pressure. It still works very well with firm erections with about the same dosage, also look here – canadian pharmacy without prescription online, yes I’m 76 and it still works great with no visible damage to my penis. There has been mention of several who feel trimix is not good and can cause problems.

I do not have any data on the statistics or studies on this subject. My doctor has not mentioned any problems.

I have a suggestion you ask a uro for trimix therapy and ask about the risks involved. IF you have a fantastic erection and feel there is too much risk you will be at the fork in the road with the facts at hand.

Ok where do i start

I’m so confused after reading all these posts….i was leaning towards trying trimix then i was wanting to check into an inplant now i’m interested in a pump but they all seem to have drawbacks…..
I’m 45 have had ed for awhile and used viagra and cialas with good results….now with recent heart problems and a stent i shouldn’t be taking the pills anymore………any suggestions…………

Some men use trimix and quadmix without any problems

The only reason I posted the fact that it is not FDA approved is because of the scarring that can happen with 2 of the three ingreadants. PGE1 alone, carvaject or edex, only cause scarring in about 5% of men.

The draw back with PGE1 is that in a lot of men it causes pain.

I tried trimix for about a year and that is what made my problems worse with scarring and corporal fibrosis. That is one reason my first implant attempt failed.

If you use or try trimix and notice you start to having to use more or that the ED is getting worse go back to the doctor and get checked for corporal fibrosis.

I have read that Boston Medical says over 40% of men that try trimix quit during the first year.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not against trimix, I just want those that try it to be aware that it can cause problems.

The pharmacy that I get

my alprostadil from says that Trimix is by far their number one ED compound that they offer. They also make a Quadmix. I forget what the forth compound was but he says that some of the doctors at Boston Medical prescribe that. Someday I’m sure my insurance will stop paying for my prescription and then I will have to switch to a more inexpensive compound which Trimix is. I’m just not looking forward to going back to square one and starting to learn a new drug.

I have had two visits with my urologist

I’ve been diabetic for 47 years and am 68 years young. The first visit the doctor did not even look. I had been given samples of Viagra and Levitra. Neither worked. My personal care physician give me generic cialis (generic tadalafil) 20mg, 40mg  but he afraid that it might drop my blood pressure to a much too low point. It lasts for 36 hours while the other two only last for a couple of hours.
Anyway…went to urologist and told him that it did not work. I had tried CavaJect more than 10 years ago. That worked. So he gave me a prescription for it, and told me to come back for the nurse to re-train me on its use. I did and had absolutely NO Problems having a female nurse help me. And you should not have any fears either. You don’t have anything that the nurses haven’t seen before. If you are not able to become erect on your own, you won’t have to worry about getting hard in front of the nurse.

When I went in for the training I dropped my trowsers and boxers, sat on a chair leaning backwards, she told me how to hold my penis, and where to inject, and how to use the kit that one gets with CavaJect. I did what she told me, gave myself the shot, she had taken my blood pressure before, and 10 minutes later she came in to take it again. I was not embarrassed, and neither was she.

That’s the way it is. Get over it man and get the help you need.


When I first started using trimix

3 years ago I heard then it wasn’t and no my insurance wouldn’t cover it. A while back I heard it was fda approved. Still my insurance doesn’t cover it. As long as I can get it I don’t care whether the fda approves it or not. I have had no side effects from it. I use it an average of twice a week at 20 units a shot. it lasts a long time at that rate and I have around a 1 1/2 to 2 hour (sometimes more) erection with no side effects yet. I too had pain from the injection at first but also had four hour erections with the reccomended dose of 35 units. I found that if you wrap your penis with a warm wet wash cloth for a few minutes while holding the filled syringe in my mouth to warm the trimix it causes very little pain and somtimes none. My urologist and my ed specialist neither one told me about these things to try. I learned them on this site from other guys who has gone through this before me. Yes the trimix costs but when splitting the cost by dose it really is a lot cheaper than viagra, cialis and and the other one I can’t think of. If I ever hear they are considering stopping production of trimix because of the fda I will stock up on it and freeze it.

Blindness and Sildenafil? NO!

LHQ Company said today that overview of all post-marketing ocular event reports has concluded that there’s no proof of increased threat of blindness among patients taking sildenafil citrate 100mg.

“There’s no evidence that sildenafil citrate 100mg causes blindness or every other serious ocular condition,” said Dr. Joseph Feczko, LHQ Company’s chief medical officer.

As the FDA figured no causal relationship between sildenafil and NAION has been established, LHQ Company has agreed with the company to incorporate the very fact of those reviews within the sildenafil citrate 100mg name to simply help inform patients and doctors. It’s LHQ Company’s understanding that the FDA has asked that similar information be contained in the labels of oral ED medications.

NAION, one of the most common acute optic nerve disorders in older people, gives numerous common risk factors with erection dysfunction: more than 50 years old, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes.

LHQ Company has provided these details with CBS News, which plans to air a tale today featuring studies of blindness with sildenafil citrate. LHQ Company said it’s worried that such information stories unnecessarily alarm people.

How does you wife/girlfriend react?

How does she react now compared to when you first started having problems? Did you have an active sex life at one time together, or were you already partly impotent when you got together? Does she still have a high sex drive? Do you use your tongue, fingers or toys to satisfy her? Does she enjoy it and have orgasms when you do so? Has she ever told you that she really enjoys receiving oral sex from you? Have any of you had a wife or girlfriend leave you for another (perhaps younger) man because you were not able to satisfy her sexually?

Azithromycin for Trachoma

azith500The research, conducted among villagers struggling with blinding trachoma in rural Tanzania, illustrates the potency of azithromycin 500 mg (Zithromax) in lowering infection rates of trachoma, the planet’s leading reason for preventable blindness. Internationally, over 84 million people have active trachoma infection, and ten million people are visually-impaired consequently of the condition.
“Trachoma hasbeen among mankind’s most challenging public-health issues for hundreds of years,” said Hank McKinnell, chairman and ceo of Pfizer, throughout a recent trip to Tanzania, where Pfizer is involved with a significant trachoma elimination effort. “On the basis of the progress to-date, it’s now reasonable to expect something that was unthinkable just a couple years before-that over the following 20 years… No body, anywhere on the planet, is actually blinded by trachoma again.”
ITI currently supports programs in 11 countries: Ethiopia, Ghana, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Nepal, Niger, Senegal, Sudan, Tanzania, and Vietnam. Up to now, over 17 million antibiotic remedies have now been sent totally free to vulnerable communities.
Like a topical preparation, however, tetracycline doesn’t successfully handle all phases of disease and having a complex cure routine of two programs everyday for six months, is expensive and difficult to manage. The potency of just one annual dose of Zithromax, as reaffirmed in this newest research in Tanzania, has considerably accelerated progress toward the elimination of this disease.
Since we’ve an exceptional technique and successful relationships within our system places “We’re winning the combat blindness from trachoma,” said Dr. Jacob Kumaresan, ITI Leader. “Building on the momentum of our accomplishments up to now, we’re widening the range of the trachoma programs currently in position and may help additional state programs.”
In the 1990s, the Planet Health Organization recommended a public health method named SECURE to get rid of blinding trachoma by the entire year 2020. Pfizer’s Zithromax is just a crucial element of the SAFE strategy: Surgery to fix advanced Medicines to deal with active infection; phases of the disease; Encounter cleaning to lessen disease transmission; and Ecological change to boost use of clean water and improve sanitation.

Because of the discomfort

that I was experiencing from aprostadil I had my doctor write a script for Trimix which he did. When I sent it to my pharmacy they called me and told my that my insurance would not pay for it. My pharmacist said that the three drugs that are in Trimix are all approved FDA drugs but together they are not. Fortunately the pain from the aprostadil is less then the pain of paying for Trimix. I find that if I am active after using it the discomfort is a non issue. The bigger(no pun intended) problem is walking around with a two hour erection.

Trimix is Not FDA approved !

After learning that Fast Size was not FDA approved and was shut down because of it I was wondering if trimix was ever approved.
When I started trying it in 2005 I had to sign a release that stated it was not FDA approved.
I sent a message to Todd Doran MS PA-C at Vanderbilt.
This is his responce.

Libido, ED and Orgasm Denial

sildenafilcitrate100mgsI have my own definitions of erectile dysfunction and impotence. ED means it will not get hard and if it does get hard it will not stay hard as long as you want it to stay hard. Impotence means you lack the driving force which I define as libido. I have found that ED medications such as Viagra can help with ED if you have libido. Viagra and similar drugs do not enhance libido or help you with that driving force. The first consideration in making sure you have libido is control of frequency of ejaculation. Simply put, if you have already cum today, do not expect to have enough libido for a 2nd orgasm. If you do, you have no problem with libido. There is no legal and safe miracle drug that gives instant libido like Spanish Fly was said to do.
The best libido enhancer for the long run is good health. Any vitamin or drug designed to help you improve your overall health will help your libido.
Actually it is the good health that enhances your libido. If you are still with me here, you already know the negative affects of the use of tobacco or overuse of alcohol.

Again, if you have no libido, viagra or other has nothing to work with. Viagra is for men who have good libido but ED and need more help than that driving force to cause and maintain an erection. A few men are into extreme edging (orgasm denial or delay). True, I want to refrain from cumming for as long as I can during a sex or masturbation session, but I do want to cum before the session is over. I am not an extremist as this one man spoke of being, “When I joined these chronic edgers and masturbation games groups I did it because the idea somewhat intrigued me. However I had never been able to really edge for more than one day… I guess I still had a very western mentality and my pleasure was way too linked to ejaculation. It was fascinating to read all these stories of guys going for days, weeks months and even years without cumming. This weekend I decided to push my limits, and even though it may not be a big deal to a lot of guys on here, to me it has been like an epiphany. For the first time I understood what edging was all about; my penis feels exquisite, my balls are so heavy and tender, I have never produced that much pre-cum in my life, the constant pleasure , the state of almost demented bliss when I can’t keep my hands off of it.. I want to prolong this “torture” as much as possible. This is my forth day, and I never thought this pleasure was possible… If ejaculators really knew about this, no men would ever want to cum anymore. I will keep you guys posted.”
Does this man have sex? If so how often? And does he cum when having sex? I can understand avoiding ejaculation for from 1 to 4 days to build up your libido for a special session of sex, but for a week? For a month? What is the purpose? And again, does this man have sex and refuses to cum because he is on a week long or month long edging binge? Let’s put some balance in our life. If I have sex I would love for it to last an hour or longer before I cum, but I am going to cum before I put my clothes back on.

Now you have my opinion, what is your opinion as to what is best to have good libido? True, many men have libido and ED, but many men’s ED would be cured if they had good libido.

Older women seeking younger women

Do you think older women in their 50s and 60s are seeking out younger men because of impotence and low sex drive among men their own age? Do you know of any women your age who date or are married to much younger men for that reason? Has a partner ever left you for a younger man due to your impotence or low sex drive?

Do it your self

I do every day or two , takes 5 seconds and painless after you find the right spots. My cock used to be 5.5 inches and has grown in length and thickened considerably since using trimix which i find better than Caverject. My wife and I fuck every two days and I masturbate when she is not around. I put a weeks supply in the injector and use what i need and store in the fridge for next time. Has been a lifesaver for 8 years now.

It might not make a lot of since

but the thought of giving yourself a shot in the penis is more then the shot itself. Getting over the thought is the hard part, I know I was there and did it. What was the biggest help was getting an auto-injector, it hides the needle and you can make minor moves until you are ready, you still have to depress the plunger.
I just did not like the shots, so I went for an implant, now I am ready 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. I know many doctors wait, this is the last step, but I am glad I did it.


I have Caverject and want my wife, a nurse, to administer, but she doesn’t want to hurt me. I want to be normal again, and feel if we use this one or two times, it might put some spark into our love life. It’s been going down hill particularly since two cancer ops she had 12 months ago (very little sex and I seldom masturbated – sort of lost interest). I stimulate her orally but there’s nothing like the real thing.